Going the full circle

18 Dec, 2002 10:00 PM

ADRIAN Lee was a well-known stockbroker in Perth several years ago and has now gone the full circle and returned to the business, working for Bell Potter.

Adrian Lee started work as a jackaroo on the Riverina NSW Merino studs of Boonoke and Wanganella, owned by descendants of the founding Falkiner family.

He then held a number of positions including working on the family farm Kojonup; sheep classing consultant; manager at the primary produce export group of Craig Mostyn & Co Pty Ltd; and owner of a successful perishable foods import-export business.

Adrian embarked on a stockbroking career - a hobby since the age of 16 - the week before the 1987 crash. Fifteen years later and facing another turbulent time in the stockmarket, Adrian has no regrets about his career choice.

In 2001, Adrian found himself working for the owners of the Falkiner Merino stud properties again, when the stockbroking firm Johnson Taylor Potter was acquired by the Bell group of companies, well-known for their rural heritage and interests including FS Falkiner & Sons.

The Bell group of companies own the majority shareholding in Bell Potter. Australian owned and managed Bell Potter has been serving the needs of private investors since 1928.

Adrian believes both he, and his principals, having a rural bias "gives us a huge advantage when it comes to servicing the investment needs of rural clients".

Adrian Lee is a senior client adviser for Bell Potter and was also a regular sharemarket and economic contributor to "Farm Weekly".


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