Govt ignores eggs in Buy West campaign

23 Jun, 2008 01:23 PM

The Commercial Egg Producers Association of WA has slammed the State Government's decision not to support locally grown eggs in Western Australian hospitals.

CEPA is concerned that some of the State's hospitals are being supplied with eggs from the eastern States, rather than from local sources.

Recent correspondence between CEPA and State Treasurer Eric Ripper has confirmed that eastern States eggs are indeed being consumed in WA hospitals.

However, due to the Australia New Zealand Government Procurement Agreement, and in keeping with the National Competition Policy, CEPA says the State claims there is little that can be done.

The letter continued to suggest if WA eggs were priced and marketed competitively, it may be a different story.

CEPA president, John Simpson said WA eggs are competitively priced and were world's best in quality and freshness having not travelled across the Nullarbor.

"WA consumers and patients place value in supporting local producers and reducing the carbon footprint of the food they eat, so what better way than to use local produce in the state’s hospitals," Mr Simpson said.

"We are disappointed with the response received from the State Government.

"The Buy West Eat Best campaign launched earlier this year intends to promote and support local industry produce in WA, for the good of the community.

"It is therefore disappointing that in continuing to source eggs from the Eastern States for local hospitals, the WA State Government ignores its own Buy West, Eat Best campaign and the WA egg industry."


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