Grains Licensing Authority review findings released

25 Jan, 2005 10:00 PM

The State Government today released the findings of an independent review of the Grains Marketing Act 2002 and the Grains Licensing Authority (GLA).

The report supports the continuance of the GLA and suggests the grains industry has benefited from its operation.

National accounting and business advisory firm RSM Bird Cameron was appointed in September last year to conduct an independent review of the costs and benefits to the State of the Grain Marketing Act 2002 and the GLA.

Agriculture Minister Kim Chance commissioned the review to examine the issuing of special export licences and any effect they had on the operation of the main export licence holder.

The review identified and, where possible, quantified the benefits and costs to industry and the State associated with the operation of the GLA and the issuing of the licences.

The review also looked at where the costs and benefits appeared to flow under the provisions of the Act, and how the Grain Marketing Act 2002 could be improved to enhance benefits to the WA grains industry.

Mr Chance said a range of information was reviewed, including previous assessments of the benefits and costs of single-desk export marketing and reports and analyses from the GLA.

"Verbal and written submissions were sought and considered from key stakeholders," Mr Chance said.

"These included the main export licence holder, Grain Pool Pty Ltd, the Australian Grain Exporters' Association, WAFarmers, the Pastoralists and Graziers Association and special export licence holders.

"There was a wide range of views by industry participants, from support for full regulation of the grains market to support for full deregulation."

Mr Chance said with effectively only one harvest year of operation, the statistics on the impact of the GLA to date were very limited, and this obviously made the task difficult for the consultant.

"They only reflect the seasonal production and grain market circumstances prevailing for 2003-2004."

Key stakeholders have been invited to comment on the report. Comments should be forwarded to Rob Delane, Executive Director Policy and Business Services, at the WA Department of Agriculture by March 31.


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