Grains West Expo planned

26 Feb, 2003 10:00 PM

THREE major players in the WA grains industry have joined forces to put on an expo in July which will provide information ranging from genetically modified crops to price risk management.

The Grains West Expo is the brainchild of Oilseeds WA, the National Agricultural Commodities Marketing Association and the Stock Feed Manufacturers Association. It will be held at a city hotel on the 16-17 July.

It will consist of a two-day conference "The Supply Chain of the Future", displays of grain, stockfeed and oilseed products and a range of services used in the industry.

The conference will have a panel discussion on GMOs and the structure needed to keep them separate from non-GMO crops in WA.

It will also look at the impacts on markets if WA producers decide to grower GMOs.

There will be speakers on technology and its benefits, marketing, sustainability and quality assurance.

The organisers are still keen to speak to potential sponsors and exhibitors.

pMore information: John Duff & Associates, phone 9475 0753.


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