Greenoil seedlings help address salt problems

24 Sep, 2003 10:00 PM

SINCE its establishment 15 years ago Greenoil Tree Nursery, Mingenew, has seen demand for its services increase significantly due to increased salinity of farmland.

The small family-run company is now growing about 1.5 million tree seedlings each year for landcare and is planting about 800,000 of them as part of a full contract farm service.

Greenoil Tree Nursery co-owner Lynn Rheinlander said it could also carry out site preparations, mounding, spraying and planting of trees.

She said it would also help provide seed and set up and manage timber crops such as acacia, salmon gum and sandlewood.

High protein sheep and cattle fodder crops such as saltbush could also be planted where wheat would no longer grow.

"You can make money from land not used for cropping," she said.

Mrs Rheinlander said the market for sandalwood timber ranged from $6000-$10,000/t, with expected minimum yield about 3t/ha.


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