Growers divided over application

22 Dec, 2005 07:00 PM

CO-OPERATIVE Bulk Handling (CBH) should stick to its knitting, according to Westonia farmer Ross Della Bosca (pictured).

"It's a farmer owned cooperative and they should be looking after farmers first," Mr Della Bosca said.

"Bigger headers and bigger trucks mean we're harvesting quicker and getting grain into the bin faster.

"They need to have the infrastructure to cope with that.

"But we still can't get the segregations we want and I've got to cart my wheat elsewhere.

"And things like small weighbridges are no good for the big trucks."

Mr Della Bosca said instead of buying mills in Indonesia CBH should invest locally, where they have control.

"I believe in single desk because it sets the floor on prices and everybody works off that," he said. "Lose single desk and it becomes a free-for-all."

But Northam grower Rob Patterson said CBH customers should have a right to export to their own markets.

"If AWB doesn't like what CBH is doing then it is up to them to sort it out," Mr Patterson said.

"I think CBH should go for it because I really don't think it will matter too much in the end.

"But they should have done this in October to deliver even better money's worth to more WA growers."

Morawa grower Rod Madden said he would be interested in selling his wheat through CBH if they gave a better deal than AWB, as long as it didn't undermine the single desk.

"The Wheat Export Authority is set up to protect grower interests so I am sure they will make a considered decision," Mr Madden said.


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