Hardi International

27 Feb, 2002 10:00 PM

HARDI International is taking a positive step in Australia by merging forces with their state importers.

Hardi is the agricultural spraying equipment leader in Australia with a market share exceeding 40pc.

This strong position in the Australian market has been achieved through a long and close cooperation between Hardi International and their five state importers.

In a plan to further strengthen and develop Hardi's position in Australia, Hardi International is taking a strategic position in their SA, NSW, Vic, WA and Qld importers to bring them together under one umbrella.

The new business, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hardi International, will be known as Hardi Australia Pty Ltd. Graeme Johnson has been appointed to the position of managing director and the head office will be in Adelaide.

Graeme is a well-known identity in the spraying equipment industry and is the present owner and director of Hardi Spraying Equipment in South Australia.

Graeme says "This is an exciting time and a new phase in the life of Hardi in Australia.

"Hardi Australia Pty Ltd will reaffirm its position as the market leader by combining the collective strengths of a very successful importer marketing group."

"The new company will have a national focus and will bring together the skills and expertise of a dedicated team of the most qualified people. We will use this knowledge to strengthen our position in all agricultural regions of Australia.

"Hardi Australia's R&D and manufacturing capability is unequaled and the future of the new venture is exciting for Hardi their dealers and their customers."

The new company will support and service the existing Australia wide Hardi Dealer Network.

Hardi Australia Pty Ltd will be operational from July 1, 2002.

Each of the state operations will continue to operate unchanged until this date.

As the synergies of a national organisation unfold there will be some changes.

The present state management will remain in place to assist Hardi Australia Pty Ltd for a period of time to ensure a smooth transition of the new venture.

Hardi products have been marketed in Australia since the early 70s.

In the mid 80s the Hardi Marketing Group was established to develop a more uniform product and marketing approach in all states including Tasmania.

Hardi International established Hardi Australia Pty Ltd in 1998 to focus on product developments and production of steel components for the Australian market further increasing the quality of Hardi product.

Now with product development, production, national marketing and state sales marketing under one umbrella, this new and dynamic company is positioned to strengthen and retain a continuously competitive edge in the demanding Australian agricultural spraying market.

pMore information contact: Brett Moir, Western Australia, 08 9470 2778.



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