Harvey beef is winning recipe

09 Mar, 2005 10:00 PM

HEAD chef of the Perth entrant in the second series of My Restaurant Rules, Shane Keighley, was taking no chances on quality when the restaurant opened in Fremantle on March 1.

The menu featured Harvey beef, which is underpinned by the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) tenderness guarantee.

Contestants Sandy and Andre Shannon worked in consultation with Mr Keighley to carefully select quality fresh produce for the restaurant, with the majority of brands found in WA.

"We chose Harvey beef for the menu because it is locally produced and popular for its consistent good quality," Mr Keighley said.

Currently head chef at the multi award winning Oceanus restaurant in Perth, chef of the year in the 2004 WA Catering Institute awards, and recipient of the Restaurant and Catering Industry Association Honour Award for best chef in 2005, Shane is a keen supporter of MSA graded beef.

"The assurance is there, if there is a problem you've got a comeback," he said.

"It's guaranteed, and that gives you confidence when you serve it."

The restaurant expects a high turnover of customers during the series once the doors open, including visits from food and restaurant experts.

Mr Keighley said the restaurants' strategy to manage the unpredictable nature and intense pressure of the competition was to focus on quality.

"Our recipe for success is to keep it simple, and focus on serving quality food that we can prepare quickly for a high turnover," Mr Keighley said.

"We chose Harvey beef because we are confident it will be tender and full of flavour every time."

Mr Keighley anticipates a change in strategy in the second series of My Restaurant Rules", with more emphasis on food and service and less focus on renovations.


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