Hot winds to threaten southwest WA again

29 Nov, 2011 07:07 AM

IN CONDITIONS ominously reminiscent to last week, southwest WA is set to face another bout of hot, dry winds.

This will bring the risk of renewed bushfires, placing residents and authorities on high alert.

From Wednesday morning dry easterly winds will freshen, taking the mercury into the high 20's and low 30's. From here the heat will ramp up as the winds shift to the northeast, but on the plus side the winds will ease slightly leading in to the weekend.

There will be a noticeable contrast across the southwest during this hot spell. Towns on the south coast will be noticeably cooler compared to inland locations and the west coast north from Bunbury, which will bear the worst of the heat.

For Perth, Saturday is likely to be the hottest day with temperatures soaring into the mid-to-high 30's, potentially exceeding last Thursday's scorcher of 37 degrees.

Cool relief is forecast for late Saturday or Sunday with the arrival of a low pressure trough. This will turn winds southwesterly, drop the mercury into the mid-to-low 20's and bring a few showers and storms.


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