Hot...but not as hot as you might have thought

30 Jan, 2012 06:45 AM

DESPITE an onslaught of hot weather, no temperature records were broken in Perth during the past week.

Initial forecasts had suggested Perth's hot spell would see the city equal or break a record for the most consecutive days over 40 degrees and most consecutive days over 37 degrees.

In 1933, Perth sweltered through four days in excess of 40 degrees but last week’s weather did not quite reach that milestone.

On Tuesday the temperature reached 38.7 degrees, Wednesday was 41.1, Thursday was 41.9, Friday was 37.1 and Saturday was 42.1, before it cooled down slightly on Sunday to "only" reach 32.8.

The cool change on Sunday also put a stop to the chances of breaking the record of the most days over 37 degrees, which currently stands at seven.

Bureau of Meteorology duty forecaster Keris Arndt said the warm weather would continue this week, although not quite as severely.

A maximum of 33 degrees is expected today, followed by 37 tomorrow and 38 on Wednesday before temperatures are expected to drop slightly ahead of the weekend.


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