ICPA net gets funding help

31 Oct, 2001 10:00 PM

THE Isolated Children's Parents' Association of Australia (ICPA Aust) has welcomed the announcement that its submission to 'Networking the Nation' for funding to develop a 'one stop shop' web site has been successful.

ICPA intends to design a web site that will provide instant information to those living in rural and remote Australia. Visitors to the site will be informed as to how ICPA (Aust) can assist them with their children's educational access.

This will include:

( Improved communication with ICPA and with Federal and State government agencies.

( Providing direct links to government information on education and other relevant services for rural and remote Australians.

( Increased understanding, interest and uptake of Information Communications Technology (ICT).

( Developing skills in website management in rural and remote communities.

"We believe that ICPA is in a unique position to encourage and assist members from across Australia to participate in a mode of communication that most have not yet had the opportunity to experience," commented ICPA Federal President, Megan McNicholl.

The current communications infrastructure upgrade in the 'extended zones' will sweep away the "tyranny of distance" currently experienced by members who live in Australia's most remote communities, as many will soon have access to high-speed satellite Internet services.

Mrs McNicholl stated that "The ICPA website will enhance this upgrade by providing instant access to information and personnel in Government departments, and therefore will greatly improve service delivery to our families."

ICPA believes that this Networking the Nation project will help to bridge the 'digital skills divide' that currently exists in many rural and remote communities, by giving members of these communities a productive and relevant ICT experience.


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