Isuzu $39,000 truck at Moora

27 Feb, 2002 10:00 PM

THE bitter sweet atmosphere often present when a family packs up shop to move to other parts prevailed at the latest Moora farm clearance sale, but that did not stop buyers bidding with fervour for sort after items.

The Wesfarmers Landmark's auction's hottest ticket on the day was an Isuzu nine tonne truck with a 24ft tray, which fetched a healthy $39,000 for vendors Ron and Juanita (need to check spelling on this name) Armstrong, who plan to slow the pace a little at their newly purchased property in Chittering.

The most sought after plant item was the McDougall portable sheep yards, which fetched $10,000, making them the second biggest ticket item of the sale.

The field bins, which attracted a lot of attention before the hammer went down, were another strong sale item, with one going for $5,000 and another at $3,250.

But before the real work got started, Ron took a short trip down memory lane, and thanked the 300 strong crowd for their support during the family's years at Moora and at the auction.

After the seemingly endless row of sundries was cleared, Wesfarmers Landmark auctioneer Steve Gilbert re-fired the crowd with enthusiastic calling at the business end of the day to achieve a sound result for vendors and buyers alike.

The TPW wool press was the first item of the day to fetch a price tag above $5,000, when keen bidding from Dandaragan grower G Rose topped bidding at $5,600.

A 40ft Cole Auger was sold at $5,000, while the Eckersly stone picker and Duetz large round baler achieved solid prices at $4,500 each.

Other items of note included a 28 run combine at $2,400, a five in one bin and a seed cleaner at $3,000 each, a Hardie Mister at $1,700 and a post hole digger at $1,025.

An International AW7 tractor was passed in, along with a 1994 Nissan Nivara and 1987 Pratt Line 19ft caravan.

Mr Gilbert said prices achieved at the auction were on par with expectations.

"There was not a lot of big ticket items, but what was for sale was in sound order and sold quite well," he said.

Mr Gilbert said Ron had been a bit of an old identity in the area and a lot of people were in attendance to bid him and his family farewell.

Ron said it was with some sadness he left Moora, but looked forward to spending his time in Chittering "playing" with different varieties of tree.


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