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06 Mar, 2018 04:00 AM

JOSH Carr’s films from Carr and Drone superbly capture the picturesque beauty of Western Australia’s Wheatbelt.

Growing up in Merredin, rural WA has always been close to Josh’s heart, and after purchasing a drone about two years ago, he has found a way to creatively express his passion through videography and photography.

Over the past year and a half, he has produced various films across the Wheatbelt, featuring shires such as Goomalling, Mukinbudin, Wongan Hills and his home-town Merredin.

Josh’s films all have a focus in portraying the spectacular natural and man-made features of the country, while telling a simple story through a seamless sequence of video shots and music.

His most recent film Harvest in Australia was filmed in the Goomalling Shire over the course of a day.

Josh said he had always wanted to make a harvest film and when one of his Facebook followers from his page Carr and Drone contacted him, he jumped on the opportunity.

The film, which goes for two and a half minutes, follows the story of harvesting in the Wheatbelt, with various video shots of headers, chaser bins, tractors, truck and follows the journey of the trucks through the Goomalling townsite to the CBH Group receival site where the grain is delivered.

Considering Josh’s impressive skills in capturing exceptional shots of landscapes and harvesting, you might be surprised to learn that he had no photography or videography experience prior to buying his drone.

Even more so, Josh never even had the slightest interest in such projects.

“Prior to this, I had never been interested in photography or videography at all,” Josh said.

“I bought the drone and thought it was really cool and it intrigued me to learn more through YouTube tutorials and I basically spent all my spare time getting better.”

Before he embarks on a new project, Josh usually has an idea of what shots he plans to film, which he then tailors according to the client’s requests.

Josh said filming usually takes him about four to five hours, depending on the client, but Harvest in Australia was one of Josh’s more timely films to shoot which took about eight hours.

After downloading the files onto his computer and compressing them, Josh edits the footage using Adobe Premiere Pro, first by looking through each shot and cutting them down to the most interesting parts or the sections he wants to use and then he finds a song to sequence all the shots together.

Josh said the editing process was by far the lengthiest task of the production process but it allowed him to experiment with new ideas and skills.

Editing Harvest in Australia took Josh at about 15 hours.

Over the past two years Josh has developed a portfolio of short films that all showcase country WA, with natural beauties such as Eaglestone Rock, an old mine site west of Mukinbudin, Lake Ninan Nature Reserve, Lake Hinds Nature Reserve, Mt O’Brien, Mt Matilda, Reynoldson Reserve and a dust and lightning storm.

For now drone videography and photography is just a hobby for Josh which he fits in between his full-time job as a storeman at Westonia, but he has seen a steady increase of interest which he hopes will enable him to grow his hobby into a business.

Josh’s films can be found on YouTube and Facebook under ‘Carr and Drone’ or on Instagram through ‘carranddrone’.

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