Joyce slams ETS and 'eco-totalitarians'

14 Jan, 2009 11:58 AM
Nationals Senate Leader Barnaby Joyce.
Nationals Senate Leader Barnaby Joyce.

Nationals Senate Leader Barnaby Joyce has again placed his party on a collision course with his Liberal Coalition colleagues, by speaking out against the usefulness of an emissions trading scheme and slamming green groups which demand ideological conformity from society.

Although stating the Nationals had not yet taken a stance on how it would vote on the government's ETS legislation in the Senate, his comments are highly critical of the policy which have the backing of Liberal Leader Malcolm Turnbull.

"My concern is that in the near future no-one is going to be put out of their house because of global warming but in the near future the emission trading scheme will put people out of their house," Senator Joyce said on radio this morning.

"It will put people out of their job.

"The reason that they, how their lives will be turned upside down is because of the effect of a new tax, which the emission trading scheme is."

Sen Joyce said The Nationals voting position would be guided by a Senate inquiry into the legislation.

Sen Joyce also hit out at green ideologues for branding those who question climate policy as "climate change deniers".

"The idea that this scheme can go forward and no-one is allowed to question it because there is a sort of new form of sort of eco-totalitarianism that demands blind obedience; I think that is wrong and that whole concept and process needs to be questioned," he said.

Sen Joyce said he believes in climate change, but said "the extent that humans are affecting it is a debate that I believe is going to go on".

He compared being branded a "climate change denier" to the debate which led to the phrase "holocaust denier".

"This is the sort of emotive language that has become stitched up in this ETS issue," he said.

"One is not allowed to question anymore and one is not allowed to call to question?

"One has to sort of fall into sort of a lock step goose step and parade around the office, you know, ranting and raving that we are all as one?

"No. In a democracy you are allowed to question.

"In a democracy you are allowed to hold people to account.

"These issues are going to be questioned and because that's the role of the Senate."

Agriculture Minister Tony Burke says Liberal Leader Malcolm Turnbull should refute Sen Joyce's linkage of the green movement with Nazism.

"If you're talking about rural Australians generally, there is no section of the Australian economy which has more to risk through dangerous climate change than the agriculture sector," Mr Burke said.

"People who are working the land and living the climate have more at stake than anyone else in making sure that we get this right.

"Barnaby Joyce has gone to new levels of extremes in the debate, invoking those sorts of Nazi speeches.

"And while Malcolm Turnbull appears quite comfortable to put up with climate change sceptics and put up with arguments saying that we should do nothing about this, I'd be amazed if even Malcolm Turnbull is willing to put up with those sorts of analogies being drawn by Barnaby Joyce."

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14/01/2009 11:00:16 AM

Barnaby, with his eyes wide open, has spotted the charade in the whole greenhouse gas debate. The greenhouse gas fanatics have turn the subject into "the new religion" with its creepy gurus, its religious type language, even its own untouchable doctrine. The tragedy in all this is that common sense is lost in the debate and the things that should be said about the subject are being contaminated by all the do-gooders.
14/01/2009 12:49:42 PM

Barnaby, stand your ground. The "green religion" types are playing the man, and are not prepared to be questioned. Thank God you are there.
15/01/2009 3:10:36 AM

Finally the debate has started and the alternative views and evidence will be put on the table showing how the fanatics have misled the world.
Norm in the Hawkesbury
15/01/2009 4:03:56 AM

So why should we not debate CO2 emissions? I mean it's a bleedin' plant food, for crying out loud! Get real!
15/01/2009 4:14:47 AM

What effect will the "new Religion" have on total "Carbon Emission" (Devil) and what benefit will be achieved for the environment (God)? According to the figures supplied by the Greenies (Believers) Nil, Nada Nothing!! And then again any time one of the "Experts" (High Priest) is quoted in an article or on the box sounds like that just by changing a couple of globes the Barrier Reef (Heaven) and the rest of the Earth (Heaven 2?) are going to be fine and we will all be saved!!! Aren't all religions sado-masochistic? Believe (do not question the High Priest), Renounce, Repent, do Penance to purge your sins, (give-us-some-money-you-have-too- much)? The "Green" Religion is no different and.... we need more money for Research!!!!
Ian Mc
15/01/2009 4:25:22 AM

Burke talks about climate change sceptics as if they should be locked up. Scepticism is what real science is supposed to be all about. Has Government funding got in the way of real science? Taxing innocent people out of business because of fear, superstition and incomplete research will not be the answer. You will all get very hungry for no good reason. I'll save the last of the beef steak for you Barnaby!
Ted O'Brien
15/01/2009 4:37:52 AM

The skeptics in the debate over global warming constitute the centre or mainstream of "The scientific community while alarmists are on the fringe." (Joseph Bast). So true. This whole GW furore has to be related to the Hawke government's placement of Neville Wran at the head of the CSIRO twenty odd years ago. Prior to that time the head of the CSIRO had always been a scientist. They put their own brand of "political scientists" in charge of the real scientists. Our government's determination to press on with an ETS in the face of contradictory data demonstrates a hidden agenda.
dusty gal
15/01/2009 4:54:11 AM

Before we bring in any laws and rules relating to climate change and gas emmissions, it is essential that they can correctly police the issue. A good example is with carbon trading: do cattle fed on the dry grassy pasture of Northen Australia omit the same amount of carbon as a fat bullock in a feedlot or on rich green feed. There is still a lot of debate as to how much of the climate change is actually caused by human interference. It's good to help the environment, but the facts must be correct, with the answers coming from more than one lot of research.
the lorax
15/01/2009 5:38:06 AM

I like how Mr Joyce can claim to be upset about all the emotive language used by green groups and then evoke images of goose stepping environmentalists. And how many people have lost thier houses form the financial crisis created by Joyce and his conservative buddies? And how long will we support marginal farming at the expense of the the public, and how long will we put up with the crap city centric policies being forced on the country? Politicians like Mr Joyce simply polarise the community and are no better than the mad greenies. Balance and control is what is required. Every deniers of climate change (and they have every right to be) seem to be so angry about it, they can direct all the anger they have at a nameless and faceless bunch, when you need to face up to the reality. THE NATIONALS AND YOUR CONSERVATIVE MATES HAVE SOLD YOU OUT TIME AND RIME AGAIN. NO MATTER HOW BAD THE NATS AND LIBS TREAT YOU THE BUSH WILL ALWAYS VOTE FOR THEM AND NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU VOTE FOR THEM THE ELECTIONS ARE WON IN THE CITY. SUMMARY FARMERS LOSE AND WHINGE AND NOTHING CHANGES
Green farmer
15/01/2009 5:41:27 AM

Sure there is a need to reduce pollution but really all this talk about emissions trading merely keeps lots of people whose feet are not on the ground in jobs. After all, rural landowners who have balanced the use of their land and left remnant vegetaton have always been in tune with the environment; yet, there are no carbon credits for these people. Only those who have cleared then replanted can benefit. The entire issue is bogged down and thankfully there are politicians like Barnaby Joyce who has his feet firmly planted on the ground... and he is a realist.
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