Keeping busy in Pinjarra

26 Jun, 2002 10:00 PM

LIKE many farmers, Wayne Butcher gave retirement a go but was at a bit of a loss about what to do with himself.

After spending years running cattle and sheep in Geraldton, he headed south to Ravenswood, where he currently operates a horse agistment property known as the Old Sarum Pacing Lodge.

Despite adding a few cattle to the farm, Mr Butcher began looking for something more to do with his time and money.

And with the help of his partner Anne Crawford, who happens to be the local Wesfarmers Landmark property agent, he snapped up a property in Pinjarra from Keith McGellin for $900,000.

Mr McGellin, 73, is retiring after 37 years on the property.

"I was supposed to retire but I got sick of doing nothing," Mr Butcher said.

"The new property is also another investment, my new super fund."

The 850ac property sits on four titles, with a good supply of underground water from soaks, which is pumped to troughs, and includes two working windmills.

Mr Butcher plans to sub-divide the property into 130ac packages and sell a couple while the remaining land will be put to use with cattle.

Mr Butcher will continue to live at his river-front home 26km away in Ravenswood but will need to get busy fencing the new property, which he admits needs a little work.

But he is not complaining.


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