Liberty Charolais sale sure to impress

23 May, 2016 01:00 AM

THE Liberty Charolais stud, Toodyay, will host its inaugural yearling bull sale next week and the quality of bulls and heifers on offer won't disappoint.

The sale will be held at the Muchea Livestock Centre on Monday, May 23 and will start at 2pm, following the centre's weekly trade cattle sale.

In the sale Liberty stud principals Kevin and Robin Yost and their daughters Morgan and Jess, will present an extremely even line of 21 very well-bred Charolais and Charbray yearling bulls.

The sale team has an average age of 14 months, four per cent IMF, 95cm2 eye muscle area, and fat scores 7mm P8 and 6mm rib fats.

Along with the 21 bulls (15 Charolais and six Charbray), the stud will also offer a selection of females consisting of five registered Charolais heifers, five red Charolais-Shorthorn-Red Angus cross heifers and five Chargrey heifers.

Sires represented in the team include Rangan Redemption E42 (P), which is a polled bull with exceptional structure and a moderate frame.

Redemption is a breed trait leader for 200, 400 and 600-day weights with figures of +26, +56 and +72 respectively ranking it in the top 1pc of the breed for all growth traits.

A feature Redemption son in the line-up is Liberty Lawless L44 (P) in lot nine.

Lawless ranks in the top 10pc for 400-day weight and milk.

Liberty Just Ramblin Along J35 (P), a son of Redemption, is another sire represented and this will be the first time Liberty will offer bulls from this sire.

Just Ramblin Along also ranks highly in the breed for growth. Its growth figures of +21, +46 and +64 for 200, 400 and 600 days rank it in the top 1pc for 400 and 600 days and top 5pc for 200 days.

Just Ramblin Along was sashed the junior champion interbreed bull at the 2014 IGA Perth Royal Show.

A Just Ramblin Along son sure to attract interest will be Liberty Little Eagle L95 (P) in lot 16.

Little Eagle, ranks in the top 5pc of the breed for 400 and 600-day weights, rib and rump fat and IMF plus top 10pc for 200-day weight.

Another homebred sire to feature in the sire's list is Liberty Hawkeye H65 (P), which was sashed the senior champion interbreed bull at the 2014 IGA Perth Royal Show.

Hawkeye is a trait leader for 400-day weight with a figure of +42 (top 1pc) and is in the top 5pc of the breed for 600-day weight with an EBV of +53.

Liberty Lets Ride L25 (P) in lot 13 is a Hawkeye son to watch out for.

It ranks in the top 10pc for 400 day weight and top 15pc for 200 and 600-day weights.

All animals in the sale are polled and have been BVDV tested, vaccinated with 7in1, Vibrovax, Pestiguard and received multimin injections as well as being backlined.

All bulls have been semen tested.



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