25 Jun, 2003 10:00 PM

Professor Mick Dodson is a member of the Yawuru peoples, the traditional Aboriginal owners of land and waters in the Broome area of the southern Kimberley region of Western Australia. He is currently Professor and Chairperson of the Australian National University¹s Institute for Indigenous Australia. Professor Dodson is also a Director of a Legal and Anthropological Consultancy business. He completed a Bachelor of Jurisprudence and a Bachelor of Laws at Monash University. He was awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters from the University of Technology, Sydney and holds an honorary Doctor of Laws from the University of New South Wales. Mick Dodson is a vigorous advocate of the rights and interests of the Indigenous Peoples of the world. He was the Co-Deputy Chair of the Technical Committee for the 1993 International Year of the World¹s Indigenous People. He is also chairman of the United Nations Advisory Group for the Voluntary Fund for the Decade of Indigenous Peoples. He serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of the United Nations Indigenous Voluntary Fund. Mick Dodson has been a prominent advocate on land rights and other issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. He will speak on property rights issues, including the resolution of Native Title rights claims in Australia.


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