Mobile version of ProductionWise on the way

25 Sep, 2014 02:00 AM
The new app will allow producers to input key paddock-specific information into their mobile phone

GRAINGROWERS LTD this year plans to roll out a mobile version of its flagship web-based ProductionWise online crop management system.

The new app will allow producers to input key paddock-specific information into their mobile phone or tablet in real time while out on the farm, with the data saved and uploaded automatically if they are offline or beyond phone coverage.

The core record-keeping and paddock mapping functions of ProductionWise will be free but an advanced version, available on subscription for a minimum $385 a year, will provide a host of decision support and forecasting tools including yield and gross margin estimates, rain and seasonal weather forecasts, crop risk profiling, spray and topdressing advice, and satellite tracking of crop biomass development.

Advisers will also be able to access a client’s crop and paddock information to add their recommendations for the management of crops and timing of spray and fertiliser treatments.

All field operations can be recorded, with costs allocated and used for the compilation of gross margin reports.

Grain can be tracked into on-farm storages or bulk handlers and allocated to contracts. The yield forecasting ability allows forecasted grain production to be tracked against any contracts sold.

GrainGrowers has two existing apps available for downloading onto mobile devices – SprayWise Decisions and CottonMap.

Developed in conjunction with Nufarm, SprayWise is an online service to help farmers and contractors better plan and match the timing of chemical applications to prevailing local weather conditions.

SprayWise predicts weather on your farm up to 14 days ahead and records the past 14 days of weather.

As well, it provides three-hourly forward estimates of rain, temperature, wind direction, wind speed and relative humidity for the next seven days, along with 12-hourly forward estimates for the following seven days.

For those with built-in GPS in your mobile device you can access your current location and display information directly for it so long as you have phone reception. The service is available to anyone for an annual fee of $132.

All the weather parameters are combined into an easy-to-read ‘spray planner’ so users can best schedule spray applications for the week ahead.

CottonMap was developed with the GRDC, the Cotton Research and Development Corporation, Cotton Australia and Nufarm as an online tool to help broadacre croppers avoid causing off-target spray drift on nearby cotton fields.

Producers register the location of their fields under cotton and this information can then be accessed by neighbouring broadacre farmers.

CottonMap has substantially reduced spraydrift damage, which affected about 11 per cent of the crop in the 2007-08 and 2008-09 seasons.

The service is free and now covers almost all the cotton planted in Australia.

Cotton is particularly susceptible to damage from ‘hormone’ or 2,4-D herbicides.



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