MORAWA farmer Kevin Heitmann has lost count of the number of invention and innovation awards he has

28 Sep, 2006 07:00 PM

Kevin has entered every invention and innovation competition at the expo since the event started 24 years ago and has either won or been placed runner-up almost every year.

Everything he presents in the competitions provides a commonsense solution to a problem on the farm.

And his entry this year, a folding hopper, again illustrated his passion to find easy solutions.

With a few bits of iron, he welded what he calls a folding hopper, which fits under low profile silos, allowing a safe method of augering out grain.

"A lot of augers simply won't fit under low profile silos and it's a heck of problem getting a hopper underneath the chute," Kevin said.

"With this hopper, you simply slide it in and adjust the sides and then slide an auger into it."

Kevin remembers that one year he made nine inventions, which he took to Dowerin field days.

His biggest success was being named Inventor of the Year for a nursery watering system.


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