More than just a rural bank

25 Sep, 2002 10:00 PM

PIBA is more than just a rural bank and funds more than just farm businesses.

To emphasise its investment into rural WA and down the value chain at Mingenew Midwest Lions Expo PIBA displayed produce from PIBA clients who had value added raw farm produce.

PIBA state manager rural WA Crawford Taylor said the reason for the exhibition was to show farmers how some of their client were extracting more value out of their farm produce beyond the farm gate.

Although PIBA have funded the activities of raw agricultural produce manufacturing beyond the farm gate, they have also funded small to medium agribusiness and corporate clients for a number of years.

However, it has only been in the last couple of years people have found out PIBA is more than just a rural bank.

PIBA lends directly to farmers, while its Parent company Rabobank funds manufacturers, processors, marketers and exporters of agricultural based products.

Mr Crawford said PIBA would consider investing in anything from baking cakes to viticulture.

As a part of the Mingenew Expo display, PIBA raffled a hamper containing samples from their clients. These included wine from Knotting Hill Vineyard, Margaret River, Willow Creek jam, Lower Kalgan, Ferguson Falls wine, Ferguson Valley, Windmill Flour from Eden Valley biodynamic farm, Corrigin, handmade olive oil soaps from Valhalla Soaps and books from Jeanie Crago's Aussie Outback Books, Coorow.


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