Nationals' Narrogin road safety summit

27 Jul, 2006 07:00 PM

THE WA Nationals will join forces with peak road safety agencies to host a road safety summit after a horror month on WA roads in July.

More than nine people died as a result of fatal crashes in a two-week period this month, most of them on country roads.

The staggering number of accidents in recent weeks takes the state's 2006 road toll to more than 100, which is 20 more deaths than at the same time last year.

Despite millions of taxpayer dollars poured into safe driving advertising campaigns, 2006 WA Police statistics continue to reflect that people in country areas are involved in more accidents than their city counterparts.

Nationals Wagin MLA Terry Waldron said the rising number of road deaths in the Wagin electorate would be the focus of the regional road safety forum in Narrogin on August 10.

"I began organising this forum earlier this year because of the unacceptable number of fatalities and injuries experienced in the region," Mr Waldron said.

"It has become even more important following the most recent tragedies."

Mr Waldron said the forum would give all community members a chance to contribute to tackling the road safety problem in the region.

"Senior police, road safety experts and local high school children will work together at the forum to seek solutions," he said.

"The aim of the forum is to get community members together with the experts to develop a local strategy to stop the carnage.

"It is important that we hear from shires, community members and especially local high school children, many of whom are entering or about to enter novice driver stage."

Mr Waldron said attendees would include Road Safety Council chairman Grant Dorrington, Road Safety Office chief executive Iain Cameron and representatives from Main Roads, the WA Insurance Commission the Transport Department and ministerial advisors.

He said Police Minister John Kobelke had been invited to the summit.

"The forum will be held in two parts, with school children in the morning and adults in the afternoon," Mr Waldron said.

"We'll look at a wide range of issues concerning safety on country roads because of the high rate of fatal accidents and serious injuries.

"We'll look at why there is a disproportionate fatality rate in the 17-24 age group and try to find a way forward through with programs that will hit home.

"Policing and the need for safer roads will also be on the agenda."


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