New grain marketing service for WA

30 Jun, 2004 10:00 PM

RESPECTED grains industry leader Peter Hobbs has established his own consultancy practice to provide marketing advice to WA grain growers.

Mr Hobbs was previously AWB Limited¹s Western Region manager and more recently spent 16 months as a grain marketing specialist for a Geraldton-based consultancy firm.

He had extensive experience in the WA grains industry and was well positioned to provide practical grain marketing advice to WA grain growers.

²Competition in the grains industry has seen a multitude of grain marketing and risk management products launched in the past two years, and many grain growers are struggling to fully understand how these products work and whether they are suitable for their business,² Mr Hobbs said.

²Growers wanting to maximise their income and manage their risks need to understand the full range of grain pricing options, as well as be in tune with movements in domestic and international markets.

²I will be available throughout the year to assist growers in understanding these issues and then making the right grain marketing decision for their business,² he said.

Mr Hobbs holds a Bachelor of Business in Agriculture degree and has served as a councillor for the Shire of Chapman Valley.

He can be contacted on 0429382130 or by email at


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