New lupin line set to replace Belara

25 Sep, 2002 10:00 PM

A NEW lupin line earmarked for release next year will be a replacement for Belara in medium and low rainfall areas.

Speaking at last week's Mingenew-Irwin spring field day, Agriculture WA research officer Martin Harries said 2141 had outperformed Belara in trials in terms of yield (3-4pc), protein (2pc) and aphid resistance, though not as good as Tanjil.

But it had a better tolerance to metribuzin than Tanjil or Wonga and displayed excellent phomopsis resistance.

It also was better than Belara for anthracnose resistance ("about as good as Kalya").

"The variety 2141 is a vigorous short season variety that fills pods rapidly and will be recommended for the medium and low rainfall zones."

Mr Harries also said many lupin failures this year could be sheeted home to poor germinations and low seed rates.

"My advice to farmers is to ensure germination tests are done and seed rates should be maintained around 100kg/ha," Mr Harries said.


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