29 Jan, 2015 01:00 AM
I am quite passionate about agriculture and what it can do for the State.

A NEW chief executive officer for the WA Meat Industry Authority (WAMIA) has been appointed.

Andrew Williams has officially taken on the role, and is due to start as the new CEO this Monday, as part of the WAMIA's new direction.

Mr Williams has been involved in the agricultural industry for more than six years, volunteering as a councillor for the Royal Agricultural Society of WA (RAS).

Mr Williams told Farm Weekly he has a diverse background, and is keen to start in his new position.

"I have been responsible for a number of different committees (as part of the RAS), including the cattle committee, showgrounds redevelopment and strategic planning," Mr Williams said.

"I also worked for Wesfarmers for a number of years, but not in their rural divisions, however.

"I have also worked in the dairy industry many years ago.

"You could say I have a very diverse background."

Mr Williams said prior to accepting the WAMIA role, he was the facilities manager at Western Power, overseeing a large team.

"I had a much larger team in my previous role, than the WAMIA role, but I've also had a lot of contact with country people and agriculture over the years," Mr Williams said.

“I have been around cattle people, I understand the industry, but I'm sure I will get to learn a lot more about it very quickly.”

"I am quite passionate about agriculture and what it can do for the State."

Mr Williams said he was keen to get to the Muchea Livestock Centre as soon as possible and to get to know stakeholders, get to understand their issues and what challenges there are for the organisation.

"At the end of the day it's about getting people together and trying to solve problems and get the best outcomes for all the different stakeholders - and there are many," Mr Williams said.

"It is my plan to meet all of the various stakeholders as soon as I can.

"(My goal is) to continue to deliver services at the saleyards that meets all the stakeholder needs.

"I am not the type of person that sits behind a desk, so you would expect to see me at Muchea on a regular basis."

Last year saw a number of issues plague the Muchea Livestock Centre, however to overcome its troubled passed the board has moved to change its direction, to focus on improving its performance, look at alternatives and will examine them to try and improve the Centre's operations.

Last week it was announced that the four WA livestock firms had come together to propose a plan to change sale days, which included moving the Muchea trade cattle sale to Tuesday.

The plan also proposed to move the Boyanup trade cattle sale from Tuesday to Wednesday, the monthly Manjimup trade cattle sale from Wednesday to Monday and Boyanup weaner sales, which are run seasonally, will be held on a Monday.

The Katanning trade sheep sale would be moved to Tuesday, while the Muchea trade sheep sale would be run on Wednesday.

There will be a consultation period for the proposal, where written submissions are invited up until February 28.



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