Next stop WA for CBH's new locomotives

29 May, 2011 03:00 AM
Technicians carry out quality checks on CBH's first locomotive engine in the fleet of 22.
Technicians carry out quality checks on CBH's first locomotive engine in the fleet of 22.

IT'S official, CBH's new locomotives are on the production line.

CBH general manager of operations Colin Tutt and board director Kevin Fuchsbichler travelled to America and the United Kingdom to seal CBH's new locomotive deal.

Mr Tutt and Mr Fuchsbichler spent time in Boise, Idaho, to officially sign the build contract and to speak to the staff of MotivePower, the company contracted to build its new locomotive fleet.

They spent time with MotivePower workshop staff, local American media and politicians, providing background to CBH and its rail project in WA.

Mr Fuchsbichler then visited the factory in Daventry, England, where the engines for CBH's new locomotives are currently being built.

It's understood all the engine blocks will be cast in Germany and transported to the UK for the final machining and assembly process.

The engines will then be fitted to the locomotives at the MotivePower facility in Boise, USA.

"We saw the first of our engine blocks going onto the production line," Mr Fuchsbichler said.

"The quality control and attention to detail was very impressive and all the engines are hot tested at the end of manufacture."

He said the pair were most impressed with the safety procedures at the facilities.

"The company has had a zero lost time injury rate for the last two years which, given the environment they are operating in, is outstanding," Mr Fuchsbichler said.

The 22 new locomotives are expected to arrive in WA by the start of March 2012 in time for driver training and accreditation to be finalised.

Colin Tutt said that CBH had considered questions surrounding the use of the new locomotives and wagons on Tier 3 lines but would make further comment on CBH's wagons once contracts were finalised and announcements made in the coming weeks.

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Mallee Farmer
30/05/2011 6:47:46 AM, on Farm Weekly

Congratulations to CBH and WA growers for maintaining the grower owned bulk handling system and re investing in its trains. This is a far cry from the run down and inefficient distribution networks further east.


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