NFF forum seeks views from young farmers

24 Apr, 2001 10:00 PM

THE National Farmers Federation has announced plans to hold a second Young Farmers Forum later this year, to improve policy input from young people in agriculture while building their leadership skills at the same time.

The forum will be held in September 17,18 and 19, and will involve about 120 farmers in the 18-35-year-old age bracket.

Its aim is to build on the success of the 1999 NFF Young Farmers Forum, where delegates offered their views on a variety of issues including loss of regional services, rural education, farm succession and right to farm legislation.

They also discussed globalisation, supply chain management and the agri-political system in Australia.

A steering committee with representatives from each state will meet in the next few week's to plan this year's topics, and to decide how to select delegates.

In 1999 the delegates were nominated by their local state farming organisation branch or by the steering committee.

As with the previous Forum, a number of MPs and senators will also address the forum or meet with delegates.

NFF public relations director Sarah Dent said the NFF, government, delegates and the wider community would benefit from the flow of ideas and information generated by the forum.

"We are bringing together young people involved in agriculture to gauge their opinions and ideas about how to improve the viability and fortunes of agriculture, and to give them the opportunity to develop leadership skills," she said.

"It is extremely important to get an infusion of new ideas."


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