No 'crisis' talks says DAFWA

25 Jun, 2015 02:00 AM
DAFWA director general Rob Delane.
DAFWA is reviewing and optimising its activities...
DAFWA director general Rob Delane.

THE Department of Agriculture and Food has played down reports that it is holding "crisis" talks at a meeting with industry leaders this Friday (tomorrow).

According to a DAFWA spokesperson, director general Rob Delane and key industry stakeholders will be meeting at the South Perth headquarters for a general updates meeting.

"DAFWA will be briefing stakeholders to provide a detailed update on the current financial settings, implications for DAFWA functions and services; options being pursued or considered to sustain identified functions and services; industry options and opportunities," the spokesperson said.

"DAFWA, like other State Government agencies, is facing reductions due to challenging budgetary and cost settings.

"DAFWA is reviewing and optimising its activities in order to ensure it can continue to generate valuable outcomes for the State's growth priorities and support industry toward the Agrifood 2025+ goal to double the value of the sector."

The meeting will also discuss how "industry and DAFWA can continue to work together to drive significant and transformational growth for the agriculture and food sector of the State's economy in the evolving business environment".

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25/06/2015 2:09:30 PM, on Farm Weekly

A meeting to discuss how "industry and DAFWA can continue to work together"? Pretty simple, industry will pay more whilst DAFWA will continue to shrink!
26/06/2015 2:34:21 PM, on Farm Weekly

DAFWA is shrinking in the areas which are actually useful, on the ground staff located in regional areas, whilst maintaining large numbers of staff in Perth.


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