No duty on dairy payout

29 Sep, 2000 03:03 PM

THE WA Farmers Federation has successfully lobbied the State Government for dairy farmers to convert their Dairy Structural Adjustment Package (DSAP) entitlement into up-front payments. WAFF Dairy Section sent a letter in August to Primary Industry Minister Monty House requesting stamp duty not be applied. Dairy Section president Danny Harris said he was pleased the Government had agreed to reimburse the stamp duty to WA dairy farmers. "This will further assist dairy farmers financially to make the transition into the deregulated environment," he said. Stamp duty was only applicable on up-front payments of the DSAP and not on the option of 32 quarterly payments made over eight years. Mr Harris said dairy farmers would need to make arrangements with their financial institutions for the reimbursement for the stamp duty, which would have to be paid and received back as an ex-gratia payment. The payment scheme will be administered by Agriculture WA as part of the State Government's Dairy Assistance Package, which has been expanded by an additional $320,000 to accommodate the stamp duty. The United Dairyfarmers of Victoria (UDV) have also been successful in negotiating to have removed stamp duty on up-front DSAP payments.


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