No Libs-Nats merger or coalition in WA, says Grylls

28 Jul, 2008 02:52 PM
Nationals WA Leader Brendon Grylls.
Nationals WA Leader Brendon Grylls.

The Nationals WA leader Brendon Grylls has staked his leadership on the party's independent approach in Western Australia.

Mr Grylls says there is "no circumstance under which the Nationals WA will merge with the Liberals".

" am disappointed the Queensland and Federal Nationals are attempting to foist their views on us,"Mr Grylls said.

"We in WA have the option of disaffiliating with the Federal Nationals if they continue to undermine our stance."

Mr Grylls said electoral redistribution had fundamentally changed the political landscape in WA, leaving 48 seats in the narrow coastal strip from Mindarie to Margaret River and just 11 for the rest of WA.

"If we don't fight for communities in those 11 regional seats, who will?" he said.

"The Nationals WA are committed to standing alone to represent country people at the next State election and we are not prepared to be pawns at major party room meetings dominated by metropolitan politicians."

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30/07/2008 9:04:55 AM

You must appreciate that the Nationals were the major conservative party in Qld and the Liberals were the minority party. In Qld it was actually the wiping out of the Liberal party. In WA the Nationals do not duplicate the Liberals. They often have different views on many subjects. I am sure that in WA the majority of the National Lay party don't wish to amalgamate with the LIberals.


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