No unity in WA

19 Sep, 2007 09:00 PM

ANY chance of WA’s two farmer representative bodies amalgamating into one organisation appears to have disappeared.

In a letter sent to WAFarmers president Trevor De Landgrafft last week, Pastoralists and Graziers Association (PGA) president Sandy McTaggart said the PGA has “no will or wish” for only one organisation in WA.

WAFarmers president Trevor De Landgrafft said he was surprised and disappointed to receive the letter.

“In the three and a half years of my tenure I had made it a high priority to try and get a close working relationship with the PGA,” he said.

Mr De Landgrafft said the declining population in rural areas highlighted the need for a more powerful voice nationally.

Mr McTaggart said while he has engaged in light discussions with Mr De Landgrafft regarding amalgamation over the years, the PGA’s policy for some time has been that there would be no merger.

“We believe that WA agriculture is better represented by two parties,” he said.

“The essence of what Mr De Landgrafft is thinking is that he believes two organisations are unsustainable.

“PGA is one of the few grower representing bodies in Australia that isn’t losing membership.

“We don’t have as big a base to start with as some other organisations, but membership numbers have remained constant over the years.”

Both PGA and WAFarmers are not members of the NFF, meaning WA is without represenation on Australia’s peak farming body.


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