Northern WA crisis

19 Sep, 2007 09:00 PM

UP to 100 wheat growers near Morawa are facing financial collapse as the dry evaporates the hope of farmers in the area, the organiser of a grassroots crisis group of farmers says.

And they have pleaded directly to Prime Minister John Howard for assistance after exhausting other avenues as the local shire predicts many will have to just sell up and move on next year.

Morawa businesswoman and farmer’s wife Shirley Katona organised a meeting of drought-affected farmers last week after she became agitated by the lack of response the community was getting from the State Government and O’Connor MLA Wilson Tuckey.

“A lot of growers around here are already in massive debt and about to sink, but the banks don’t even know about their grain contracts,” Mrs Katona said.

Mrs Katona said she was forced to take action after exhausting all other avenues for assistance, including personal pleas made to Mr Tuckey and Dry Seasons Advisory committee chairman Dexter Davies.

“I spoke to Mr Davies last week and told him how much trouble our farmers are in, but he told me there was nothing more he could do,” she said.


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