Nutrition event for WA

27 Nov, 2000 03:00 PM

THE challenge of feeding both animals and mankind in the coming decades will be debated at the 24th Annual National Conference for the Nutrition Society of Australia in Fremantle next month. Chairman of the three-day conference, Dr Bruce Mullan from Agriculture WA, said the program would cover a wide ranging overview of nutrition challenges, including genetically modified foods, obesity treatments, improved food quality and diets to reduce the risk of cancer. "The conference will also examine nutrition for native animals, aquaculture diets and nutrition for sheep for improved wool quality," Dr Mullan said. The conference, from December 3-6, will be officially opened by Health Minister John Day. Plenary sessions will discuss various aspects of: pdiets for weight loss; pthe healthy gut ‹ the role of nutrition; pdiets to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer; pwool quality and protein metabolism; peating quality of meat, fruit, vegetables and pulses; and pessential fatty acids in aquaculture diets, and implications to human nutrition. Dr Mullan said overseas, interstate and local speakers would address the conference.


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