Pardoo planning for large expansion

27 Feb, 2016 01:00 AM

PARDOO Beef Corporation is implementing large-scale development plans and is focused on improving the meat quality of its herd.

Since January Pardoo has been testing the market by purchasing South West cattle, including Wagyu and Red Angus bulls, store cattle and breeders.

Pardoo Station general manager Eric Golangco said it had been 12 months since the new Singaporean-based owners purchased the 202,000 hectare station.

"We have a herd size of about 5800 head of Santa Gertrudis cattle," he said.

"We are looking to better the quality of our herd, but it's all a learning curve.

"We are buying Red Angus and some Wagyu and we are trying a few different things to see how our breeding program will work out."

Mr Golangco said they planned to cross breed them but were trying to find their footing at this stage.

He said the company needed to build a dependable supply, as it was working on a small scale.

Mr Golangco said it is putting a "foot in the market" buying store cattle from the south for a 100-day grain fed program, and looking to increase the herd by purchasing bulls and breeders for the station.

"We are getting a feel for production," he said.

"It's not so much a trial, it's more feeling our way around and seeing what can be produced.

"We would like to also focus on a high end product, for domestic and international markets, including Asia.

"Our product is boxed beef, so we are certainly talking to foreign markets, including Asian countries."

Mr Golangco said the demand for high-quality beef was there and high prices reflected that.

"The key is to have the product and we are working that out."

Grand plans have also been put into action for the Pilbara station, focusing on the agricultural side of the business, involving an irrigation project for stock fodder and a new cattle conditioning complex.

"We are taking baby steps to build a feedlot or depot type of facility, to have them gain weight before they go down south to a feedlot and are then processed," Mr Golangco said.

"That definitely is in the works, but we are taking it one step at a time.

"We have two irrigation pivots over 40ha lots at the moment, but we have plans to add another four more.

"Four new pivots have been ordered from the United States and are about to be shipped, so we are pushing our program to increase the number of pivots.

"It is to counter any drought that may come.

"If you grow enough food, you don't have to rely on the country for food in a dry year.

"This year is looking below average in terms of rainfall, so if we didn't have available fodder we would have to seriously consider shipping a large portion of our herd South for agistment - but we don't have to do this."



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