Perenjori meeting addresses potential bin closures

28 Sep, 2012 02:00 AM

A RECENT CBH meeting in Perenjori has reignited the debate about whether or not a number of smaller CBH receival sites in the Geraldton port zone will be pegged for closure this season.

Morawa grain producer and spokesperson for the Forgotten Bin Line Group, Rod Madden attended the meeting along with CBH general manager of operations Colin Tutt and five CBH directors including Trevor Badger, Pingrup and Kevin Fuchsbichler, Bruce Rock.

Mr Madden, a former CBH director, said the meeting was attended by 20 farmers who represented growers that delivered to small-scale receival sites in the Geraldton zone and were worried about the impact potential closures might have on local communities in the future.

"Bin representatives from Beacon through to Canna were present and there were only three apologies," Mr Madden said.

"All the other bins in the zone were represented."

Although Mr Madden wouldn't officially comment on the meeting's agenda he did say he expected a shift in CBH's direction with regard to the potential closure of a number of delivery sites and the implications that would have on grain transport at harvest and during out loading.

"I've got a three to four page copy of the meeting minutes but the Forgotten Bin Line Group is made up of well respected people within the community and they were more than forthcoming with their views that none of the agenda items were to be discussed in public until CBH was given the chance to respond," Mr Madden said.

"Once CBH responds we'll address the issues accordingly."

Mr Madden said the minutes were expected to be discussed at CBH's board meeting last Tuesday.

CBH general manager of operations Colin Tutt also remained tight-lipped but acknowledged a meeting was held at Perenjori and said it discussed the current development of CBH's board network policy and capital works planned for the Geraldton zone over the next few years.

"Bin closures were not on the agenda but I understand some growers sought confirmation on the future plans of a number of sites," he said.

"We are unaware of any formal minutes taken at this meeting and we do not comment publicly on the details of agendas for board meetings."


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