PGA says joining NFF not value for money

28 Aug, 2009 02:00 AM

THE Pastoralists and Graziers Association has voted against rejoining the National Farmers Federation.

PGA president Rob Gillam said his executive voted last week in support of a finance committee recommendation not to rejoin the national body.

Mr Gillam said the vote reflected the serious concerns of executive members that rejoining NFF would not represent value for money.

"PGA has traditionally been a lone, alternate voice within the national body, particularly on issues like wheat and wool marketing and in key economic debates," Mr Gillam said.

"We have seen little evidence that this situation may change.

"Executive was unable to identify areas of NFF policy that would put dollars in the pockets of our members and that resources should be focused on major issues affecting PGA membership.

"These include the unresolved matter of pastoral land tenure, beef and grain marketing reforms, animal welfare, transport and private property rights including conservation issues in the Kimberley."

Mr Gillam said PGA had a responsibility to lead on these issues, yet they were matters of little or no interest to NFF.

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31/08/2009 8:32:23 AM, on Farm Weekly

Sounds to me like it is all about finances. Finances they still owe NFF and finances to pay for their membership moving forward. Perhaps a bit less money spent on spin would help???


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