PGA says strongly at odds with WAFF on carbon tax

29 Mar, 2011 12:44 PM

ACCORDING to the Pastoralists and Graziers’ Association, the WA Farmers Federation is "showing an inability to understand the draconian effect that the introduction of a price on carbon will have on agriculture", following what it refers to as a "back flip" over the organisation’s Carbon Tax Policy.

“WAFF have changed their position on Climate Change and a Carbon Tax more times than the Prime Minister, ”PGA President Rob Gillam said.

“On Monday WAFF stated on the ABC that they backed the tax, as a price on carbon will help agriculture in the long run.”

“On Wednesday WAFF issued out a statement claiming they were misquoted and that they do not support the current Carbon Tax model.”

“One has to wonder what their position will be on Friday.”

"A price on carbon is just another tax designed to increase the Government’s coffers. It is not about environmental stewardship, ”Mr Gillam said.

“It is an unnecessary burden on all Australians, who will be forced to pay higher prices for electricity, petrol and food; and is a major blow to the competitiveness of Australian farming businesses.”

''Any price on carbon will give our international competitors an unfair competitive advantage, whether on Australian supermarket shelves or in the global marketplace.''

“Any farming organisation that is supportive of the Government’s Carbon Tax and Carbon Farming Initiatives is assisting in destroying the livelihood of their members and the demise of Australian Agriculture.”

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Wally the dog
30/03/2011 7:00:46 AM, on Farm Weekly

It would have been nice if the PGA had taken the same stance against the Government on the break up of AWB and the single desk issue instead of letting our grain companys being taken over by overseas interests. I am surprised the PGA would oppose their "mates" in the Federal Government on anything.
30/03/2011 8:09:06 AM, on Farm Weekly

When are the PGA going to wake up and start working for the very few grower members they have instead of playing politics with their growers money? Gillam needs to get real and start thinking for himself instead of being led by others whom I'm sure have never been near the bush.
the kid
30/03/2011 8:45:20 AM, on Farm Weekly

It would be nice to know what PGA's idea of managing climate change at an whole of Australia level would look like. Short term protection can only ever be that. Hardly a policy for managing our country!
30/03/2011 10:35:05 AM, on Farm Weekly

Geez have a short memory. You have never been misquoted in the paper? You guys do backflips all the time - on grain on rail, on NLIS,on a whole range of things. You are using a misquote to attack a fellow farm organisation instead of putting that same effort into representing the few members you have left. Regardless of WAFF's stand, misquoted or otherwise, at least they are proactive - the PGA just wait and see what everyone else says and then jumps on them to make a statement. I don't see you congratulating WAFF on their risk mitigation policies which resulted in CBH now offering as multi-peril risk insurance - which has been commended from all sectors. After all, your organisation bagged MPCI - you're on your own. Again.
WA Observer
5/04/2011 7:03:57 AM, on Farm Weekly

Have any of you posters even mentioned the carbon dioxide tax and what it will do to any energy inputs to your business? Many of the inputs to farming are energy intensive - fertiliser and chemicals for a start, not to mention all the fuel used in the transport to get inputs to the farm and produce to market. A CO2 tax will greatly add to on-farm costs for virtually no change to CO2 in the atmosphere. Do you people really think that Gillard, Penny Wong, Greg Combet and Bob Brown care about what happens to agriculture? Snap out of it. You don't matter to the ALP or the Greens.


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