Plan for $6.6m repairs

30 Oct, 2003 07:00 PM

WESTERN Power has allocated more than $6.6 million over the next four years to improve electricity distribution in the Avon Valley and the central Wheatbelt east of Wongan Hills.

It will also carry out emergency repairs at Bremer Bay.

Western Power general manager networks Doug Aberle said work has started to build a $1.7m high voltage feeder line in the York area.

It has also allocated $220,000 to improve feeder voltage regulation and increase capacity around Toodyay and a further $125,000 to install a second voltage regulator for Goomalling and outlying areas.

At Wongan Hills, work is planned for a $2.5m 132kV substation and a $1.8m feeder and voltage regulator between Cadoux and Koorda.

A $300,000 voltage regulator will be installed to increase supply capacity at Bremer Bay.

"This equates to more that $6.6m worth of expenditure on top of more than the $100 million dollars that has been spent on regional parts of the South West Interconnected System over the past four years," Mr Aberle said.

"This type of expenditure has to be viewed in the context of competing demands and finite funds with which to expand and maintain the network."

But there is no immediate action planned for the Narembeen and Corrigin districts.

Mr Aberle said if additional funds became available, these would be applied in accordance with normal priorities including safety, investment in capacity to meet growth in residential and industrial and commercial demand and replacement and refurbishment of ageing infrastructure.

"The company's capital works program already considers many of the issues raised in the report, however these are always viewed against the competing demands for the available capital funds," he said.


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