PRODUCERS Forum spokesperson John Snooke said last week¹s comments by Federal Agriculture Minister P

25 Jun, 2007 08:45 PM

³The GM debate is extremely emotive and complicated and unfortunately at the moment it is the politicians who are benefiting from that situation while farmers are suffering,² Mr Snooke said.

³WAFarmers and the Pastoralists and Graziers Association have both called for the GMO-moratorium to be lifted here in WA.

³The industry has spoken for what it wants and now surely Mr Chance has no option but to lift the ban immediately.²

Mr Snooke said international markets had initially paid a premium for non-GM canola but that price advantage had eroded over time.

³Why is the State Government stalling on this issue now, what more evidence do they need?² he said.

Mr Snooke said he had met with Mr Chance twice to discuss his organisation¹s views on the GMO ban and but had since given up.

³There¹s no point meeting with Mr Chance to discuss this issue anymore because he is simply not listening to the facts,² he said.

Mr Snooke said he was growing hybrid canola successfully on his farm, on clean paddocks with few weeds, but lamented the fact that the GMO moratorium was restricting his ability to generate higher yields and greater profits.

³If there was no GM-moratorium in WA I would be able to grow GM-hybrid canola with herbicide tolerance, almost everywhere on my farm,² he said.


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