Public comment on changing act

30 Jan, 2002 10:00 PM

GRAINGROWER and public comments on changes to the Grain Marketing Act 1979 and Bulk Handling Act will be called for from mid-February when a discussion paper is released for public comment.

Prepared by Agriculture Department executive director of agricultural industry program Ian Longson, the discussion paper will examine the legislative requirements to meet the future needs of WA grain marketing.

This would include the requirements for Cooperative Bulk Handling and the Grain Pool of WA to merge.

Mr Longsong said the discussion paper would detail legislative changes needed for the merger and what the changes would mean for WA's grain industry, especially in terms of competition.

He said changes to legislation that affects competition must meet National Competition Policy (NCP) requirements.

Mr Longson was confident the merger would not violate NCP guidelines.

Growers are encouraged to submit their views on all aspects of legislative changes, which would shape the future of WA's grain industry, for perusal by WA Agriculture minister Kim Chance.


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