QANTAS staff to wear wool.

19 Apr, 2006 08:45 PM

WHEN one of the world's leading fashion designers is prepared to back Merino wool, woolgrowers can rightly assume the industry is still alive and well.

For Peter Morrissey it's simple, he loves working with Australian wool.

Mr Morrissey dresses 70,000 Australian workers every day in wool, including QANTAS and IAG Insurance staff.

Speaking exclusively to Farm Weekly on why he thinks Aussie wool is the best fabric in the world to work with, Mr Morrisey said he was a proud ambassador for Australian wool.

"We produce most of the wool in the world that gets made into fabric," Mr Morrissey said. "Then we buy it back, which is a very weird sort of situation."

The industry has embraced fashion designers such as Mr Morrissey, who are helping to change the negative reputation of woollen clothing.

Mr Morrissey said the industry was dedicated to helping woolgrowers and developing the market into the future.

"Working with designers promotes the fact that we are working with wool and it's not just the tag hanging there," he said.

Durability, non-pilling, drycleanable and long lasting were all characteristics consumers were looking for in a woollen garment today, Mr Morrissey said.

"Technology these days has helped incredibly," he said. "The knowledge that goes into wool makes the possibilities endless."

Woollen jerseys and a 100pc Merino knit for men and women are justifications Morrissey is looking towards the future of wool.

It was crucial woolgrowers got behind their domestic fashion designers and help carry wool forward, Mr Morrissey said.


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