Rain rain won't go away for Pilbara

26 Feb, 2009 12:47 PM

Only two weeks after the western Pilbara experienced flooding rain, it appears more is on the way as a tropical low shows signs of developing into a cyclone.

The low has been tracking west from the Gulf of Carpentaria, bringing bursts of heavy showers and storms to the Top End and northern Kimberley.

In the last few days places in the Top End have had 50 to 100mm and these sorts of falls are turning up in the northern Kimberley.

The low, currently off the Kimberley coast is likely to develop into a cyclone in the next day or two and run roughly parallel to the northern WA coastline.

This will take heavy rain and storms and strong winds to the Pilbara.

At this stage the Kimberley's wettest period will be between now and early on the weekend, while the Pilbara's wettest period will be over the weekend and early next week.

Parts of the Pilbara are likely to collect 100 to 200 millimetres of rain, particularly in the Port Hedland, Roeburne and Karratha areas.

The Kimberley will not be as wet, with mostly less than 100mm likely.

The low or cyclone should then head further west taking most of the rain with it.

Some rain should spread over the interior early next week.


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