Record payment for growers

22 Jan, 2004 07:00 PM

THE current harvest is expected to see grower payments by Grain Pool and AgraCorp reach a record $751.5 million by the end of January.

This is $100m greater than payment levels at the same time in previous years.

More than 4mt of grain has been delivered to Grain Pool's canola, barley and lupin pools and AgraCorp this harvest.

Grain Pool general manager Andy Crane said record grower payments are indicative of the spectacular harvest.

"Our grain marketing efforts to date have been very successful, and in particular we are benefiting from good currency hedging against a strong Australian dollar," Dr Crane said.

"While the supply of WA grain is plentiful, we are confident in our ability to manage the volume to secure the highest possible prices in our key markets.

"This can partly be attributed to long-term relationships with buyers in our markets and WA's reputation for producing high quality grain, which continues to be a focus in the marketplace."

Dr Crane said increased communication between Grain Pool and CBH was evident in the efficiencies present in logistics operations this season.

"The close working relationship between Grain Pool marketers and CBH logistics staff has enabled grain cargoes to be sourced, assembled and shipped quickly, reducing pressure on the storage and handling network," he said.

"Since November 1, we have loaded 27 cargoes to the Middle East, Europe, South America and South-East Asia."

AgraCorp general manager Andrew Young said the number of growers delivering to AgraCorp had risen substantially this harvest, as had the volume delivered.

"The increase in growers utilising AgraCorp's range of pricing products demonstrates greater awareness of the flexibility these products can provide to their businesses," he said.


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