Recycling the good earth reaps rewards

27 Nov, 2002 10:00 PM

THE innovative recycling operations of Custom Composts have been recognised in the WA Environmental Awards 2002.

The awards were held for the first time this year and attracted 119 applications.

Custom Composts were one of four State finalists in the category of Small Business Responsibility and Leadership for recycling 100pc of the solid organic wastes from Wandalup Farms, an intensive piggery near Mandurah.

The piggery had been a potential source of pollution for the Serpentine River.

Based at the piggery, Custom Composts currently recycles over a thousand tonnes of organic materials each week to produce quality compost products and has attracted interest nationally and internationally.

Andy Gulliver said that both he, and co director, David Cullen were very proud of their achievements in solving what are major problems for industry.

"After winning the Recycling Industries Award in 1999, we thought it was time to measure our progress again" Mr Gulliver said.

"Being a finalist in the WA Environmental Awards, recognises the role we play in supporting some of the region's large businesses and the hundreds of jobs involved, and we do all this in an environmentally responsible way."

"The general manager of Wandalup Farms, Rob Wilson, had the vision to see what was possible and the courage to support us at Custom Composts, so that we could make it happen," Mr Gulliver said.

The company recycles a number of other wastes, including poultry manure, straw, tree loppings, sawdust and chicken processing water.

Their process has the potential for huge amounts of organic waste to be recycled rather than going to landfill.


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