Redman fires back at welfare claims

10 Apr, 2012 02:00 AM

AGRICULTURE and Food Minister Terry Redman has hit back at State opposition leader Mark McGowan and Member for Maylands Lisa Baker's claims the WA Government has shown a lack of concern for animal welfare.

"Volunteer groups are forced to play an increasing role in monitoring animal welfare due to the lack of funding and support from the Barnett Government," Ms Baker said.

"After 10 years the legislation is due for review to further improve protection for animals."

But Mr Redman said the opposition's claims were nonsense.

"In the 2011-12 State budget, the Liberal-National government doubled annual funding for animal welfare to $1.6 million, doubled funding to the RSPCA to $500,000, and also increased the number of animal welfare inspectors from six to 12," Mr Redman said.

"The previous Labor government failed to renew funding for inspectors beyond 2008.

"The Department of Agriculture and Food now has responsibility for regulating the Animal Welfare Act and is committed to enforcing standards of treatment and care.

"The Liberal-National Government has also played a leading role in ensuring animal welfare standards are met in the live export trade, an industry that brings hundreds of millions of dollars to the Australian economy."

Mr McGowan, who launched a discussion paper on improving animal welfare in WA on Monday, said the Strengthening Animal Welfare in Western Australia paper, written by Ms Baker, reaffirmed Labor's commitment to animal welfare.

"In 2002 the Labor government proclaimed the Animal Welfare Act containing some of the harshest penalties for animal cruelty in the country," Mr McGowan said.

"Despite increased community demand for better protection for animals, no new steps to strengthen or expand the scope of animal welfare legislation had been taken since 2002.

"The issue of animal welfare extends much further than protecting animals from cruelty and ensuring that animals bred for eggs, milk and meat are treated humanely.

"As more information becomes available that shows how animals are treated, Western Australians are demanding higher standards and better protection for both companion and stock animals.

"The connection between animal cruelty and violence to humans is well documented, as are the benefits of companion animals to human wellbeing.

"It is crucial that the animal welfare system is sufficiently funded and underpinned by a strategic policy framework."

  • Labor's discussion paper is available at www.walaborleader.
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    10/04/2012 9:56:55 AM, on Farm Weekly

    Anna Bligh Qld gave in to activists and went down the tubes for it. The difference between a good government with principle and a bad government trying to do good is the good government stands for what is right while the bad government gives into pressure from activists. Terry Redman should tell the activists to go to hell and get on with good government.
    Get Real
    10/04/2012 12:50:06 PM, on Farm Weekly

    Tractor, so it is okay for animals to be cut up before they are dead in the live trade??
    10/04/2012 1:31:22 PM, on Farm Weekly

    Why not spend the money on human welfare and increase spending on rural healthcare.
    11/04/2012 9:57:25 AM, on Farm Weekly

    "The Department of Agriculture and Food now has responsibility for regulating the Animal Welfare Act " - keyword: responsible. So that means when they're doing it wrong, they're failing. And that's why there are activists now doing the hard work of infiltrating and exposing.
    11/04/2012 10:49:30 AM, on Farm Weekly

    Tractor does not know much about politics in Qld. THe downfall had nothing to do with the trade. Live export companies have been getting away with animal cruelty for far too long. In the past Emanual Exports has escaped charges because of legal loopholes. Supporters of live export and other examples of mass cruel farming practices would rather it went on unchecked. Have any of the supporters of earning money based on cruelty read Dr. Faustas? He was a greedy character who sold his soul to the devil for profit.
    Jaki Greenfeld
    11/04/2012 1:16:45 PM, on Farm Weekly

    I don't care how many millions of dollars you have put into "animal welfare" in the form of RSPCA funding and inspectors, the animals certainly won't see it. Injury, illness, starvation, trauma, brutality and death in any combination is every animal's experience of LE. Who cares how many inspectors tick a piece of paper or stand by and watch? The public will never buy these lies and will continue to oppose it until it ceases!
    11/04/2012 4:06:58 PM, on Farm Weekly

    Activists risk legal consequences and sometimes their own safety, not to mention the time invested and the unpaid work undertaken, in an effort to bring humanitarian change, to protect animals or people from cruelty and suffering. This is an unquestionably noble action and should be repected as such. Business on the other hand is motivated by profit .In the case of live export it turns a blind eye to the massive suffering this unnecessary industry inflicts on millions of defenceless animals whose welfare it is society's obligation to ensure.
    11/04/2012 4:09:26 PM, on Farm Weekly

    The simple truth is greed is what drives this industry and animal welfare is not a priority .These poor innocent animals suffer the consequences.ban live animal exports NOW.
    Katrina Love
    11/04/2012 4:38:06 PM, on Farm Weekly

    "In the 2011-12 State budget, the Liberal-National government doubled annual funding for animal welfare to $1.6 million, doubled funding to the RSPCA to $500,000, and also increased the number of animal welfare inspectors from six to 12" That must be why the on board mortality rate for exported cattle was the highest since 2006, and why the on board mortality rate for buffalo was the highest in the last 12 years of publicly available records. "Ensuring animal welfare standards are met in the live export trade" means NOTHING when those standards are the lowest possible benchmark.
    11/04/2012 4:42:38 PM, on Farm Weekly

    Just the sort of fatuous rhetoric yo9u'd expect from live export sycophant Redman. The Labor government in WA had its chance to put an end to the atrocity that is live export and didn't, although Lisa Baker is to be commended for her hard work in this. Animal advocates do what they do because DAFF (Feds) and DAF don't do it - and nor does the RSPCA which gets money to do it. Ever seen the RSPCA at a live export loading? Blind, ill and injured animals on trucks, sheep stuck on trucks in 43 degree heat for hours - it seems NO-ONE is doing it. The Vet Surgeons' Board doesn't give a toss either
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    Dear Ms gooding, "The incident" was in fact photographic evidence collected over several trips.
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    How can any compassionate person breed for live export. What happened to these ship is not