Report labels WA farmers as most efficient

25 Sep, 2009 02:00 AM

AN Agriculture and Food Department study has shown that WA farmers lead the nation in running profitable farming businesses with the least amount of government assistance.

The analysis looked at the value of government help received by farmers in WA, compared with farmers in the eastern states and in other major agriculture-producing nations.

It found that WA producers received much less financial benefits than producers in the eastern states and internationally.

The comparison was made using the internationally recognised Producer Support Estimate (PSE) to quantify the percentage of a farmer's income derived from transfers as a result of government policy.

In 2008, WA had a PSE of 2.32 per cent, whereas the national average was a much higher 5.85pc. When WA is excluded, the national PSE rises to 6.77pc.

The study found that WA producers generate about a quarter of Australia's gross value of agricultural production and receive less assistance compared to other states.

Moreover, in 2008 the other states received $288 million (17 times the assistance of WA) in small program assistance.

Also, other states received $690m in drought support compared to $19m received by WA.


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