Research honour

26 Mar, 2003 10:00 PM

AN Agriculture Department researcher has become the first WA scientist to be awarded a fellowship by the Australasian Plant Pathology Society.

The award presentation was made at the recent International Congress of Plant Pathology in New Zealand.

Department Plant Pathology section manager Dr Roger Jones has been appointed a Fellow of the Australasian Plant Pathology Society for his internationally recognised endeavours in the area of plant pathology specialising in research on virus diseases.

The peer recognition followed an award last year making Dr Jones a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology whilst acknowledging Dr Jones' extensive scientific publications.

Department Crop Breeding manager Keith Alcock said Dr Jones was a dedicated scientist who for more than 35 years in three continents has made a significant contribution to the understanding of plant viruses in crops and how to control them.

"More recently, Dr Jones has provided leadership for a successful 15 year multidisciplinary research program that developed comprehensive integrated disease management strategies for virus diseases threatening lupin production in south-west Australia," Mr Alcock said.

"In a previous position, while working in South America, he also discovered new virus diseases of potato and several indigenous Andean crops, and helped to unravel the ecology of potato viruses in the Andean region," he said.

"Dr Jones has had similar success in unravelling the etiology and epidemiology of economically important virus diseases of pastures, grains and vegetable crops in south-west Australia, and developing effective integrated disease control strategies."


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