RSPCA says critics are 'ill-informed'

28 Aug, 2015 02:00 AM

RSPCA WA president Lynne Bradshaw says the message from WA lobby groups at last week's State parliamentary inquiry was ill-informed.

WA lobby groups WAFarmers and the Pastoralists and Graziers Association (PGA) presented their concerns about the RSPCA's stance against live exports in evidence to the inquiry hearing last week.

The committee includes Nationals MLC Paul Brown, Greens MLC Lynn McLaren and Labor MLC Sally Talbot and Liberal MLC Nigel Hallett and was chaired by Shooters and Fishers Party MLC Rick Mazza, who are looking into the role of the RSPCA in WA.

The groups expressed concerns that the RSPCA WA was transitioning into an animal rights group.

As the RSPCA is able to prosecute people for breaches of animal welfare legislation and receives government funding of $500,000 annually to help it fulfil that responsibility, both lobby groups were concerned whether the funding could assist the group campaign against legal businesses such as the live export trade.

But Ms Bradshaw said the funding was spent on approved purposes.

"It is misleading and inaccurate to suggest RSPCA WA uses government funding inappropriately," she said.

"The funding is under an agreement which ensures it is spent on approved purposes only and has a high level of accountability to government.

"Government funding provides only a small part of RSPCA WA's revenue.

"The State government and the people of WA get great value for money."

PGA representative Ian Randles, who testified last week, told the Farm Weekly the RSPCA of WA's previous actions had cause it to be criticised.

"We don't appose the RSPCA as such," he said.

"We oppose their ill-informed position on live export.

"As long as they hold that position they will antagonise farmers."

Ms Bradshaw said the RSPCA WA engages directly with farmers and representatives attended sheep and livestock meetings in Moora, Merredin, Katanning, Ravensthorpe, Esperance, Wickepin and Badgingarra.

"We know the majority of farmers are against animal cruelty," she said.

"Many livestock complaints investigated by the RSPCA are made by farmers concerned about animal welfare.

"RSPCA WA advocates for improvements in animal welfare and fights against cruelty to animals regardless of location and circumstances.

"The RSPCA has opposed live export for more than 30 years.

"It accepts the trade is legal but will continue to push for the best possible conditions for animals sold into the trade."

The RSPCA will be appearing before the next inquiry hearing on Monday, September 7.

p Correction from 'Farm Lobby tells inquiry of RSPCA fears' Farm Weekly, August 20, 2015: Liberal MLC Nigel Hallett was present on the committee for last week's parliamentary inquiry, but was absent for a duration of the inquiry due to health reasons.

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28/08/2015 6:16:22 AM, on Farm Weekly

" RSPCA's stance against live exports in evidence to the inquiry hearing last week." The RSPCA are doing their job of being advocates for animals, and livestock welfare. If the WA farmers are objecting to them, it's clear they are uncomfortable about the live export trade being exposed for what it is! Blatant cruelty and animal abuse. Unfortunately it's worth so much $$$, and there's even the threat of ag-gag laws to tighten the lips of the public too. Such extremes are not for nothing!
100% vegan
28/08/2015 6:17:44 AM, on Farm Weekly

Keep up the great work RSPCA. The world cannot afford to see 7 billion meat eaters. The end justifies the means. Welfare is our Trojan horse into demand destruction
28/08/2015 9:40:12 AM, on Farm Weekly

Of course the 'RSPCA are doing their job of being advocates for animals' VivKay. Good on them, it's what we expect of this fabulous body, and I have been a regular financial supporter for twenty plus years. But to accuse WA farmers of 'blatant cruelty and animal abuse' shows just how ill informed you are, and makes your comments laughable. Get out in the bush, visit farms, ask questions of farmers and get properly informed. Your incorrect generalisations stir up WA farmers who are doing the right thing by their animals in an industry that pours millions of taxes into supporting all of us in WA
28/08/2015 5:04:06 PM, on Farm Weekly

The live export trade is exposed over and over again for being involved in, and supporting, grotesque abuse of animals, with spine-chilling brutality. It's always dismissed as another "incident", and nothing out of control. If it wasn't for animal activists, the public would remain ignorant of the horror, and it's inexcusable that WA farmers continue to support the trade! They are NOT ignorant, and if they were caring they would make sure their animals were processed here in Australia, which also keeps jobs in Australia. The RSPCA is limited by industry protection.
truth teller
29/08/2015 9:43:57 AM, on Farm Weekly

Clearly someone is at it again posing as a %100 vegan, because with your comments its clear you are not. RSPCA is a CHARITY and they can decide their policy as they wish. If this enquiry can show misue of Govt funding allocated to their inspectorate then so be it. If they cant which is most probable then move on. Of course the enquiry isnt about 'misuse' its about being angry at RSPCA refusing to kowtow and give social licence.
29/08/2015 10:57:04 AM, on Farm Weekly

VeeBee As I read the comments from VivKay she didnt accuse farmers of cruelty. She said farmers are uncomforatble about live export being exposed for what it is..cruel and abusive. It seems some WA Farmers are being mislead in that RSPCA WA have always opposed live exports, and thats their policy AUST wide which by the way is in keeping with every other credible animal advocate group world wide. The attack on RSPCA WA just because they will not give the live export industry the 'social licence' so desperately craved is in my view totally unethical and immoral.
Katrina Love
31/08/2015 8:50:40 AM, on Farm Weekly

The RSPCA is about as far from an animal rights group as the Shooters & Fishers Party is from an animal protection group. Given that every animal rights/welfare/protection group on the planet recognises the inherent cruelty of the trade; given that the majority of Australians are opposed to the trade & given that even the 1985, the Senate Select Committee's live sheep export report concluded that "if a decision on the future of the trade were made on animal welfare grounds alone there was enough evidence to stop the trade", RSPCA would be remiss in its duties to NOT vehemently oppose it.
100% Vegan
31/08/2015 9:19:51 AM, on Farm Weekly

I represent the more transparent version of the anti meat movement. Time is running short and as the world's population heads towards 8 billion, we can ill afford as a species to see everyone develop a taste for meat. Vegan is not about welfare it is about recognizing the paddock's carrying capacity is diminishing.
Katrina Love
31/08/2015 5:47:08 PM, on Farm Weekly

Coming from an ACTUAL vegan, veganism is not and never has been about animal welfare, it is about abolishing the use of animals and their staus as property - recognising their intrinsic value and their right to live their lives free from human harm and usE. It is not about being "anti-meat" - as animals are not "meat" - they are other inhabitants of this planet; and it is about a whole lot more than who you eat, but also whose skins and fur you wear, who your cosmetics and cleaning products are tested on and who is forced to perform unnatural acts for human enetertainment or "sport".
100% Vegan
1/09/2015 7:51:52 AM, on Farm Weekly

Spare me the diatribe. Because when the larder becomes bare, animal welfare will be last thing on your mind Miss Love. You and I are human and this intrinsically means we come at a cost to other species. Future generations must come to terms with less meat in their diets as there is a Lord Malthus moment ahead in the next 20 years. Lets be transparent here. I choose to avoid meat for the welfare of the planet.
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