Rural tax break push

11 Aug, 2004 10:00 PM

AGRICULTURE workers should be entitled to tax breaks similar to those enjoyed by the mining industry, according to WAFarmers president Trevor De Landgrafft. This could bolster the regional workforce and offset the decline in rural services.

Mr De Landgrafft said providing tax relief would provide a greater incentive for people to work in rural areas.

"There's a gross unfairness in the mining industry system because if they are fly in, fly out and are above the 25th parallel they still get the taxation benefit," he said.

"Quite clearly they are adding nothing to that community, they are spending nothing in it, and they bring all the money back to the city."

Mr De Landgrafft said tax incentives were needed to help balance the decline in government services and infrastructure.

"People will put up with various things if they are being well rewarded in the role," he said.

"Because governments are spending less on social infrastructure out there then probably it's a good thing that we get some balance in taxation systems, particularly for the workers."

Mr De Landgrafft said there was an urgent need to push for better taxation treatment to tackle the labour shortage and keep people in rural and regional areas.

"We need incentives for people to be out there, so that as you move from the city your taxation benefit increases," he said.

"As you get closer to a regional centre your taxation incentives decrease but all in all you have it go right across the state."


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