Saleyard move to Muchea supported

22 Jan, 2003 10:00 PM

THE WA Farmers Federation will welcome the announcement of the relocation of the Midland saleyards to Muchea if the Agriculture Minister's "hot tip" gets home.

WAFarmers Meat Section president Mike Norton wants to remind the Moora and Northam Shires of the three major recommendations put forward by industry when the review of the relocation of Midland yards was undertaken.

"Industry supported the move of a multi species facility from Midland to Muchea and at a minimum the Meat Industry Authority would continue to manage it, with the preference that they have part ownership of the facilities. In addition industry wanted a substantial portion of the funds raised from the sale of Midland to go into the purchase and construction of the new facility," said Mr Norton.

"The Moora and Northam Shires have no right to decree to industry where the new saleyard facilities should be located if Midland is to be closed, the same can be said for private industry.

"Industry must be extremely cautious with the move towards complete private ownership of the new facility, for throughout Australia the current fees at privately owned saleyards are substantially higher than those at Midland, in some cases twice as much.

"I would suggest that the President of Moora Shire, Mr Bates', major contribution to the relocation exercise has been the potential placement of all funds raised from the sale of Midland into the State Government coffers.

"When WAFarmers indicated it would strongly support the retention of the Midland Saleyards at its current site if the yards were not moved to Muchea, we did not support that they should be retained in their current condition.

"On the contrary, we said if the Midland saleyards were to be retained, expenditure on upgrading this facility would need to start as soon as possible.

"It is essential that the replacement of the current Midland saleyards facility is a centrally located, multi species saleyard facility providing a similar service to that at Midland."


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