Saleyards process goes on

27 Aug, 2003 10:00 PM

THERE was potential for private sector involvement in relocated Midland saleyards at Muchea but it could be a drawn-out process, according to Agriculture Minister Kim Chance.

Responding to questions in State Parliament last week Mr Chance said he was waiting for formal advice over a possible Government and private sector partnership at Muchea.

Formal advice was yet to come from the Saleyards Steering Committee, made up of Agriculture Department and Treasury representatives. The industry reference group had already made its recommendations to Mr Chance.

Mr Chance said a private and government partnership in saleyards had been established in other areas of Australia, such as at Two Wells and Mallala in South Australia.

He said informal advice indicated there were some prospects for a partnership but it could be a lengthy process.

Mr Chance denied the delay in relocating the Midland Saleyards was because the government wanted proceeds of the Midland Saleyards site.

He said the Agriculture Department deputy director general and a senior policy officer, who had been directly involved in conducting the Request for Interest process, had met with one of the private sector proponents last week.

Mr Chance said a number of interested parties had been identified in the Request for Interest process and that he would present the outcomes of this process, and a preferred way forward, to Cabinet.


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